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TRG has built an advanced quality control system and professional lab which can provide third party testing service; the quality control of the product depends on advanced testing instruments and high level technical experts, the combinations of these two factors enable us to hold quick and precise testing capability to ensure greatest product with highest potency. Under the strict control of product quality system, which also support the entrust testing service.

Our lab equipped with advanced and high-efficiency testing instruments, could support testing service for following items: Active compounds (UPLC, HPLC, UV), Residue of solvent (GC), Residue of pesticide (GC-MS/MS), Unknown compounds (LC-MS/MS), Heavy metal (ICP-MS), Antioxidant value (ORAC), Identification (HPTLC, IR); Residue of Irradiation(PSL), Enzymatic activity, platicizer, protein etc.

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Spectrographic Lab

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Physicochemical Lab

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Microorganism Lab